Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shoo Fly Start

Busy these days trying to catch up on Bee Blocks and other quilty obligations I have.  One of which is to prep for my own Queen Bee month with WNYMQG in August.  So here I am picking out my fabrics for the bee members to use...Anna Maria Horner's Dowry Collection...

- rebecca lynne

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moving This Way

Every spring I want to make something in soft pinks and peaches with a muted background like soft gray.  Inevitably after picking my soft palette, within a mere week the weather turns and I find myself wishing for bright vibrant colors and setting aside those muted pinks and peaches.  Looking back at the past May posts I have realized that I do this every year!  So this year I've made a top that captures that feeling...the vibrant colors pushing out the soft feminine ones...

My life is in the throes of those bright saturated colors right now.  Without going into the details, I'll just say that lots of life decisions were contemplated over the past two months.  Unfortunately, as a result, my Juki hasn't seen much of me at all.  I'm hoping to get past it and start quilting this beautiful top - I'm confident when I say that I've earned that much.

For the names/collections of some of the fabrics I've used in this quilt top check out my post here.

- rebecca lynne

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Word on FMQ

You may recall this post where I was trying to FMQ a quilt and having problems because of skipped stitches?  Well, I unpicked all of that quilting and just recently decided to give it another go.  Unfortunately, I am still experiencing skipped stitches on this quilt, and it was driving me mad.  Was it ME or was it the spray basting I used?
Messy truth
See what I mean?  What a mess!  I tried and tried...and no matter what speed, what size, what stitch length, what needle, god forbid that it be my Tough Lady (!)...well no changes worked!  It mostly happened on/near seams and some of the skips were so huge that I just started backstitching over them...  I was going crazy and there is no way I am ripping everything out again.  But, I still had doubts.  Was this being caused by my inexperience with FMQ or by the spray basting?
So...I decided to stop my quilting the spray basted quilt and grabbed a fabric I've been saving to make a whole cloth pillow for my husband.  I used a plain off white backing so that I could scrutinize the quilting.  Lo and skipped stitches!#fmqbeginner Love this design!
This was without pins or spray...just front, wadding, and backing smoothed out lain together.  Obviously my FMQ can still use some improvement but I love these loops because their lack of uniformity is organic and forgiving.
I've decided to keep sewing the spray basted quilt and managing the skipped stitches as best as possible.  Life's too short, I just don't have time to completely start over, unpick, wash etc.  It'll always serve as a reminder of this experience!
Now back to my loops...

- rebecca lynne